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Prayer Request

The importance of prayer is often overlooked. Most of us just pray for God to help us, or to bless us. And most of the time because of our busy lives, prayer is like an afterthought. But why is prayer important? In fact, what is prayer? d upon us. 

What is Prayer?

Christian prayer is our way of communicating with God. Just like how a child talks and listens to their father, prayer is how we as Christians and children of God converse with Him. And everyone’s conversation with God is different. That is why prayer is the most intimate form of communication that directly connects us to God on a personal level. 

Praying to God is simple – all you really have to do is speak to Him with a genuine heart. And the Bible also makes it clear that prayer is really that straightforward. If we call upon the name of the Lord and come to Him in prayer, God listens to us. (Jeremiah 29:12). Prayer is freely given to us by God, which is why we need to understand the importance of prayer. I like a quote by Hudson Taylor that captures the true importance of prayer – “When you work, you work. But when you pray, God works.”.

      At The Place, we believe prayer is not only a privilege but also a commandment. That is why our Wednesday night service is dedicated to prayer. Each request submitted is personally and corporately prayed over during service. 

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