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About Our Church

     What kind of name for a church is "The Place?"  Historically churches were named based on location and/or denominational affiliation. In more recent times there has been a trend to give the church a name that has a special meaning.  We have chosen "The Place" as our name because of a special meaning that we want everyone to understand.  Some years ago, Pastor Gary Bohanon attended a conference and heard a song that captivated his mind and spirit. It was a song about what the church needed to be. Some of the lyrics are written below and give insight to the name.  It is our desire to be THE PLACE where broken hearts mend and where people, no matter their circumstances, find love, grace, freedom and the support and encouragement they need to experience an abundant life. In January of 2018, Gary Bohanon led weekly team building meetings and on October 7, 2018, The Place Church was launched.  


The Place Church continues to be a place of healing, restoration, love and prayer.


To hear the song, click on this link.

This must be a place where a broken heart can mend 
This must be a place where the outcast finds a friend 
For we cannot lift the fallen 
If our hand still holds a stone 
And their sin that seems so great to us 
Is no greater than our own 
There must come a point where shame meets grace 
And this must be The Place 

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