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Rwabutazi primary school


In 2012 Pastor Onesimus Ndayisaba had a vision to build a primary school in his area to give local children a chance at a better future.  What started with 30 children in one grade has grown to over 300 children through grade 6. 

The Challenge

The government has notified the school that their mud classrooms do not meet government standards and they must either build government-standard classrooms or close the school.  

The Opportunity

For ONLY $20,000.00 we can build three government-standard classrooms that will satisfy the government requirements for now and breathe new life into the school. We are making this our 2019 CHRISTMAS PROJECT. Will you consider helping us help them. Every gift, no matter the amount, will help keep this school going and growing.

Update - January, 2020

The $20,000.00 was raised by Christmas and sent to Rwanda.  The walls on the classrooms are going up. 


Previous projects


Pastor John Mbaraga and his family were in a desperate situation. First, his mud house collapsed and so he moved his family into a room in the church. Then the government closed his church because it was not safe and left them with no place to live and no place to worship.  We were able to raise $10,000.00 to build a new church in Bisagara. 



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