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Join the Future

In January of 2018 a team of sincere believers with a heart to see God do something special began meeting in a closed church in Blanchard, Oklahoma.  The main building was in need of much repair and the second building, which had been a parsonage, was at the point of collapse. Over the next nine months weekly meetings were held and members, friends, family and Firstep volunteers worked to restore and refurbish the buildings.


The heartbeat of those involved in launching the church was to have a place where people from all walks of life, regardless of their past or present challenges, could find love, hope, redemption and purpose.  The name was chosen in response to the words of a song entitled “This Must be the Place.”  The chorus of the song says:


This must be the place where a broken heart can mend.

This must be the place where an outcast finds a friend.

For we cannot lift the fallen if our hand still holds a stone,

And the sins that seemed so great to us

Are no greater than our own.


There must be a point where shame meets grace

And this must be The Place.


Over the intervening four years since the church was launched in October, 2018, numerous lives have been radically saved and transformed. In addition, funds have been given to build a school and two churches in the country of Rwanda. But for The Place to continue to reach and disciple people, new facilities are desperately needed.

We currently do not have sufficient space for proper Sunday School classes, Nursery, Kids or a proper Student center. Additionally, current parking is so much less than adequate.


We have been blessed and were able to purchase ten acres of land in a prime location near the Blanchard High School. Although we have been putting back money for our future expansion, we need to raise additional funds to continue the next phase of designing and construction of a new facility where we can continue to reach those in need. We are now looking for friends and partners who believe in our Vision to continue what was started and raise the remaining amount needed.


No gift is too large or too small. 


Will you join in our Future?

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