our culture


Our Vision is that this will be THE PLACE

1. Where all people can come and find true community.


2. Where one can "come and see" real people caring for one another. 


3. Where the atmosphere is full of hope and encouragement.

4. Where acceptance is not based on one’s position in society but on the belief that every person is special and has GREAT VALUE.

5. Where the young learn from the old and the old learn from the young. 


6. Where one’s past does not disqualify them nor give them special privilege.


7. Where strategies are developed by imperfect people to help other imperfect people. 


8. Where the focus is not on accomplishments but on direction. 


9. Where we never become so large that we overlook the value of the “one” or stay so small we lose the dream of impacting the masses.

10. Where we honor God the Father by following Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.